Ben Cavallero – Faulkner Mazda

Mazda is currently #4 on Consumer Reports.  It is best known as the fun car brand. After telling us that the Commander control in always in the center console, Ben pointed out to us significant Mazda differences. There are a number of optional features dependent on the car’s trim level to maximize your driving experience, including: […]

Lisa Melhorn – AHHH Clean

Lisa, our business cleaning member, explained hot some common household items have other uses as cleaners: Lemon Cleans microwave when mixed with water and microwaved for small period of time Makes furniture  polish with olive oil Removes hard water stains Vinegar distilled white for cleaning Removes white stains from furniture Cleans and disinfects cutting boards […]

Amy Smith – Metro Bank

Amy started her presentation by saying “Change is happening!”  F.N.B. Corp.’s purchase of Metro Bank is the beginning of a series of changes for this company and for Amy.  She proceeded to talk about change and its impact on our lives. Each one of us encounters changes all the time – births, deaths, career changes, […]

David Shank – Shank Home Inspections

When Dave performs the inspection, he: Focuses on safety-related items Protects the interest of the buyer Informs the seller of unknown issues Yields potential negotiating points between buyer and seller Two primary issues: safety and deterioration Safety-related radon (PA has most radon) Asbestos Lead paint Smoke and CO detectors Railings Gris Overloaded panel Mold Structural […]

Chris Judy – Total Merchant Services

Chris provided us with detailed information about what constitutes a good tip for him. Information for Great Tipping Who Makes A Good Tip? If you do not know the business owner (Easy tip): Do they have an old looking terminal? That’s a tip Did you give them an EMV card and they key-enter or swipe […]

Bob Scomak – Layne’s Careful Cleaners

Bob provided us with a variety of household tips: reheat pizza by placing it in pan with lid on it use plastic bag to mix up filling for deviled eggs; cut corner of bag to squeeze into place in each egg whip canned frosting to make it lighter put a cup of water in the […]

Chad Bear – Bear Necessities Painting

Chad showed us “before” and “after” photos of indoor and outdoor projects, including doors, decks, faux finishes, and a variety of other examples.