Bob provided us with a variety of household tips:

  • reheat pizza by placing it in pan with lid on it
  • use plastic bag to mix up filling for deviled eggs; cut corner of bag to squeeze into place in each egg
  • whip canned frosting to make it lighter
  • put a cup of water in the microwave with bread, muffins, etc. to freshen them before eating
  • place wet newspaper above weedy areas before mulching; weeds will not grow through the newspapers
  • wet cotton balls to assist in picking up broken glass shards
  • put a Bounce dryer sheet in pocket to deter gnats and other insects
  • keep squirrels away from plants by sprinkling a circle of cayenne pepper around the area
  • place a safety pin on garments to reduce or possibly eliminate static cling
  • use a chalkboard eraser to remove fog on inside of windshield
  • when shaving cream is unavailable, hair conditioner is a workable substitute
  • wash your dryer’s lint screen periodically to remove the chemical residue left behind by dryer sheets

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