Chris provided us with detailed information about what constitutes a good tip for him.
Information for Great Tipping

  1. Who Makes A Good Tip?
    • If you do not know the business owner (Easy tip):
      1. Do they have an old looking terminal? That’s a tip
      2. Did you give them an EMV card and they key-enter or swipe it? That’s a tip
  • Do they have trouble trying to get your card to work? That’s a tip
  • If you do know the business owner:
    1. Mention that you have someone who can get them the equipment they need for free on a month to month basis while lowering the costs of processing
    2. Make sure you get their information over to me
  • If you know another person in the position that speaks to business owners often
    1. They would be a good tip on a prospective referral partner
  1. What is the equipment available & the applications of them>
    • Free physical and wireless EMV & NFC terminals
    • Free Groovv POS
    • Free license (Sleeper accounts)
    • POS / Software Integration
    • Groovv API
  2. Affiliate Program – How Can I Earn Extra Cash?
    • Earn $50 of upfront bonus and 50% of true-up bonus
    • Have 10 or more active accounts – earn ongoing residual stream
      1. Fixed amount per account
      2. Basis points of sales volume
    • Tier 2 Affiliate
      1. Refer another affiliate
      2. Earn money off of all of their referrals
        1. $5 upfront & 5% true-up & residuals of affiliate
    • Affiliate Resources
      1. Access to tracking links to get credit for traffic directed to website
      2. Co-branded landing pages available
    • Custom banner ads

Any member who wants to gain access to the affiliate resource center or who has any questions should contact Chris for more information.

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