Wayne indicated that this week is “Fire Prevention Week”.  He then showed us a video about smoke detectors.
The narrator in the video said that some smoke detectors may not work fast enough.
Many detectors run on ionization technology and can file depending on the nature of the fire.  A demonstration of a slow, smoky, smoldering sofa fire revealed that it took 37 minutes before the ionization detectors responded to the flames that ultimately resulted from that fire.
A second, newer technology in use today is contained in photoelectric detectors.  These responded in a very short time to the smoke generated by the sofa fire, rather than the flames later created.
Since smoke is #1 killer in a fire, Wayne recommends that we have detectors that combine the two technologies to be alerted when smoke or flames or both are occurring in our homes and/or businesses.  In response to questions, he said we should have one detector per level and replace all detectors every 10 years.

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