As President of the LeTip of Harrisburg Metro chapter, Tony wanted to share some thoughts with us and take time for questions from our membership.
The first topic was the role of the chapter’s board. Tony reminded us that all the board members were volunteers who were elected by the membership to fulfill the administrative duties and functions required of each chapter.
Secondly, Tony indicated that we currently have 44 members with one new application filed immediately before our meeting. 13 of our members have been a part of the chapter for over 5 years.
Thirdly, Tony emphasized that he and all board members want to deal with any questions or issues ASAP. He encouraged us to never hesitate to raise questions or issues whenever they arise.
Elections will be held in May 2016 with nominations made in March. Each of us should consider how we can help serve the chapter through running for a board office, being a committee chairperson, or being a member of a committee.
Tony then opened the floor for any questions, concerns, etc.
The first question concerned how does LeTip go about starting new chapters and what are the implications for the existing ones. LeTip International encourages its ambassadors start new chapters in an area to facilitate the networking both within a chapter and between chapters. For most business categories, there are more than enough businesses in an area for multiple chapters to co-exist.
The second question was how do we work with other chapters who do not have a representative in a given member’s category. LeTip permits a member from a specific category to attend another chapter’s meeting to acquaint that chapter with the member’s services if that member’s category is not filled in the other chapter.

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