Lois began by describing the differences between custom-made and off-the-shelf blinds.
Off-the-shelf blinds come in specific standard sizes.  As a result, they can be too long or too wide.  Custom-made ones can be cut to 1/8″.  As a result, each blind can be measured to fit each specific window in the home or office.
Similarly, drapes bought off-the-shelf may lack a liner or other features available with custom-made ones.  In addition, each will be made to fit a specific window.
When buying custom-made blinds, choices include:

  • ones that go up and down
  • ones that have louvers
  • ones that are light-dimming or room-darkening.
  • ones that fit inside the window frame or outside of it
    • ones that fit inside the frame provide a nicer look
    • to fit inside the frame at least 3/4″ of additional width is required
  • motorization which is now cheaper than ever
    • smart-phones can be used to control them

This month is also child safety month.  Please check the cords on your blinds! Fix them so they are kept away from children and pets.
In response to a member’s question, Lois indicated that pinch pleat sheers are still being made.  She also said they will never go out of style.

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