Lauren indicated that Higher Information Group (HIG) offers business equipment solutions to meet a company’s print/copy/scan/fax needs. Each solution is customized for companies of any size, small to large. This equipment is known as MFPs (Multi-Function Printers), MFDs (Multi-Function Devices), and most commonly known as “the copier”. HIG carries the Toshiba, Lexmark, and Muratec copier product lines.
Here are some tips and important items to consider when the time comes to purchase or lease a new copier:

  • Always overestimate copy/print volume- by overestimating you will leave room for overuse as you learn to operate the machine and also will avoid choosing a machine that will not be able to support your print/copy needs
  • Know which features you need- just a black/white machine or one that can also do color; print/copy volume so the best fitting speed of the machine can be determined; faxing and scanning capabilities
  • Know the acronyms- copier salespeople can sound like they are speaking another language when they use industry term; become familiar with abbreviations and acronyms; the salesperson will be able to better understand your needs, and you can get a better deal because you’ll know what to ask for
  • Ask the right questions- vendors will be competing for your business, so make sure to ask “What makes your company better than X, Y, Z, competitors?”; you can also ask for deals on lease terms, supplies, and maintenance.

Top 10 things to consider when buying or leasing a copier:
Print/copy speed, print/copy volume, networking capability, scanning features, additional features & benefits, manufacturer,  purchase & lease options, post sales support options, compatibility, price.
Also consider what accessories you need on the machine? (faxing capability, how much paper do you need the tray(s) to hold, do you need extra paper drawers, stapling- regular stapling or saddle stitch capability, hole punch, etc. You need to determine the “must have” accessories and features from the “wants”.)
What sets Higher Information Group apart the most from the competition?

  • Our service department for the equipment and the 4 business hour guarantee service time
  • Our HelpDesk Support with remote-in capability for times of networking issues with the copier and to set up additional features with scan and fax via remote in sessions
  • The team approach that we offer. The customer does not have only the support of their sales rep, but also the support of the service technicians, help desk support team, delivery & install team, and sales manager support.

Lauren indicated good tips for her include:

  • Anyone who is frustrated with their current copier
  • Contact information for any IT Directors, Purchasing Managers, or Business Managers
  • Any company changing locations and in need of upgrading their current equipment

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