Christian began by asking us a series of questions.

  • How many of us advertise our business?
  • Have any of us had success with radio advertising?

He then made a series of recommendations for advertising in today’s marketplace.

  • combine several advertising media to achieve the best results; for example, tie social media with signage with digital advertising
  • use a quarterly advertising budget
  • do not get overly complicated; make it easy for others to grasp and understand your ads

He concluded by listing a number of area locations where his company’s screens are in use, including 3 Golds Gyms, Hershey Athletic Center, Perkins, St. Thomas Roasters, Hornung’s, Darrenkamps in Elizabethtown, Jojo’s Pizza, and West Hanover Winery. The current potential audience exceeds 350,000 people. Any location where screens are installed must meet a minimum requirement of 1000 potential viewers per month.

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