House and deck stains provide a lot of choices to the homeowner.  Chad addressed the choices available and his recommendations.  He first indicated that, just like painting, prep work is critical.  For an existing structure, the surface should first be pressure washed before being stained.

  • There are different types of stains
    • toners – transparent allowing the wood grain to show through; limited availability
    • semi-transparent – some of the grain shows through
    • solid – similar to paint; may hide most or all of the grain
    • weathered deck stain – designed for use on docks; now extended to usage on weathered decks
  • Latex vs. oil stains
    • latex only covers latex
    • oil can cover both
  • Impacts on job scheduling for staining
    • no rain the night before or the deck will be too damp for staining
    • the air temperature should be 40 degrees or more
    • the surface temperature should be 50 degrees or more


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